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Please complete this form to request no-cost use of Dimensions and/or Altmetric tools and data (“the Product(s)") for non-commercial scientometrics-related research purposes.

If you would like to use the Product(s) in a different way, please email us ( or with a description of your needs, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to tell you what we can do to help.

If you plan on using the Product(s) in multiple projects, please fill out the Additional Projects form for all additional projects.

Please note that if you already have a free Dimensions account and you have requested to use the Dimensions API, in the case of a successful application, we will delete your free account and issue new credentials that will allow you to access the API programmatically. Please make sure to bookmark any saved searches/favorites before you submit this form.

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we will email you to confirm whether it has been accepted or request further information. We aim to do this within 10 business days.

We respect your privacy and will not share your personal information with third parties without your consent. All personal information provided to us as part of this application will be subject to our Privacy Policy.

Terms & Conditions

It is important to note that your use of the Product(s) will be subject to legal terms that:

  1. Limit use to your own non-commercial purposes for the approved project.
  2. Do not allow the publishing, display or redistribution of the Product(s) data.
  3. Require you to keep the Product(s) data secure and confidential and to notify Digital Science of any unauthorized access or use. This should involve you taking all reasonable security precautions, for example password protecting files or storage devices, physically securing access to computers, etc.
  4. Require the deletion of the Product(s) data no later than when the approved purpose is complete or the approved period of access has expired, unless otherwise agreed.
  5. Require you to acknowledge the use of the Product(s) as part of the approved project. We are not fussed about the exact form, but we do ask that the acknowledgement is clearly displayed and (where electronic) links back to the Product(s), webpage and that it does not suggest we endorse you or your use.
  6. Allow us to verify your compliance with these terms.

Please do bear in mind, this is just a simple summary of some of the most important (and not a substitute for) the legal terms that apply to the Product(s), which you must agree to before submitting this application. If your application is accepted, a copy of these terms will be sent to you for your future reference. 

If your application is accepted

If your application is successful, we will send you an email to confirm: 

  • The details of the the Product(s) tools/data you will be given access to,
  • The purpose(s) we’ve approved your access for (which may not cover everything you’ve requested, so please read carefully), and
  • The terms & conditions that you’ve accepted by completing this application

We will also send a copy of your application to any collaborators you’ve listed, and ask them to accept our terms and conditions. We can’t grant you access to any of the Product(s) tools or data until all listed collaborators have also agreed to these terms, so you may wish to follow up with your colleagues to let them know that we’ll be in contact soon. 

Notwithstanding, as the lead applicant, you’ll be responsible for making sure that your collaborators comply with these terms.

Please list your organizational mailing address

Note that if you are a ISSI member, details of your application will be shared with ISSI.

Select all that apply

Examples of relevant research questions might be “Is there a relationship between the amount of autism funding in the UK and the number of autism-related publications that are produced each year?” or “Are publications with a large number of collaborators more likely to be cited in patents than solo-authored publications?”

Note: we ask that you contact us before you present or publish any results of your analysis on the Dimensions data, so we can help put your findings into context.

If your application is successful, emails will be sent to each collaborator containing details of the approved project and asking them to accept our terms of use.

**Rights are usually granted for up to 6 months, so plan carefully for when you’d like your data access term to begin.**

You can review the full terms of use here:

Joining the Researcher Data Access Program means you will be added to a researchers-only mailing list, where Altmetric will share news on product and data updates that have a bearing on the data you use for research. You will also be invited to attend optional community calls, which will share information on Altmetric and help researchers connect with each other.

Joining the Scientometrics User Group means you will be added to a researchers-only announcements mailing list, where Dimensions will share news on product and data updates that have a bearing on the data you use for research. You are also invited to attend optional quarterly calls, which share information on Dimensions and help researchers connect with each other.

Applicant details

Application for non-commercial use of Dimensions & Altmetric