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Symplectic European User Meeting
Unconference Sessions Details: 

Unlike traditional timetabled conference sessions, unconference sessions are participant-oriented where the attendees decide on the topics to be discussed. This informal and flexible approach allows participants to suggest topics of their own interest and choose sessions to attend accordingly.

There will be eight 30-minute sessions in total at this year’s use conference, split across two rooms and over two consecutive hours. You are free to move from session to session at any time.

The format of the session is up to you - it can be a talk, workshop, discussion session or whatever you think will work best to engage the audience.

Before the conference
Please submit your session ideas in the form below. We have provided a few suggested topics for starters (on the right), the majority of which have come from the community. Please do ‘claim’ these if they look interesting to you.

Remember to look at what other ideas have been put forward to get a sense of the range of proposed topics. If something similar has already been suggested, consider whether you could collaborate to convene a session. We will keep an eye on the session topics and, where appropriate, suggest merging sessions that cover similar areas.

Unconferences typically feature open discussions rather than lectures. A common approach is to present for about a third of the time and hold a discussion for the other two-thirds. The aim is to take advantage of the range of people attending your session. That said, any format is permitted and it is up to the session convenor(s) to decide on what is most appropriate.

If you are interested in attending a session please indicate this by clicking the red button and selecting your session(s).

On Friday May 31st we’ll select the 8 sessions that have proved most popular, provisionally assign each to a room and time slot at the conference, notify the session leaders and share the schedule.

Other ways to contribute - Ignite Talks
If you'd rather not help run a full half-hour session but would like to share something - perhaps a question that you have on a particular aspect of Elements, or a use case or business process that you have at your institution that you would value feedback on - then you may want to consider contributing to an 'ignite' session where all presenters will be limited to 5 minutes each.

You can self-nominate to do an ignite session on the same form, just give us a short description of what your ignite talk would be about and indicate that it will be an ignite talk.

At the Conference
The session convenor(s) are responsible for running the session on the day though Symplectic staff will be on hand to help.
Please make sure you appoint a note-taker for your session as we want to capture key outcomes and ensure these are fed back and acted-upon wherever possible. There will be report-back sessions directly following the second hour of unconference sessions. At least one member of the Symplectic team will be in each of the sessions.

For those attending the sessions, just show up...and be prepared to get involved.

Title Description
 Datasets  Discussing growing Elements functionality related to   datasets such as additional data sources (eg. DataCite)
 Selecting a public   profile tool  Exploring the processes leading to the selection of a public   profile tool: stakeholders, requirements, risks
 Symplectic support  Discussing Symplectic support: tickets, forums and   documentation on the Symplectic support site
 Managing APCs  How might Elements help in the management of APC-   related data?
 Pre-print records  An examination of how Elements behaves with respect to   pre-prints records
 Public engagement  Best practice on capturing public engagement activity in   Elements
Ignite session Things you've been wanting to ask but haven't had the appropriate forum - until now
Ignite session The one thing I'd change about Elements...

Suggested unconference sessions: 
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